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Jan 26, 2024 | Franchising

Owning a business can be daunting but at Drama Kids, we believe everyone has the ability to become the master of their own academy – no matter their level of business experience.

During your journey with us, we will support you in breaking down your business barriers. From developing your confidence levels to creating a wide network of support for you to communicate with whenever you need a helping hand, at Drama Kids we will invest in you as much as you invest in us.

We support franchisees throughout their journey – from the selection of your academy location to mentorship support – helping you to become more business savvy along the way. Below are just three ways Drama Kids help you to succeed in your new business venture from the very start.

A spotlight on franchisor support

Starting a business can feel scary – from meeting legal standards to keeping up with marketing trends, it can seem as though there are many plates to spin all at once. This is where becoming a franchisee is different and, with early-stage entrepreneurial activity making up just 11.5% of businesses*, it seems as though people are turning to other methods – such as franchising – to begin their business ownership journey.

At Drama Kids, all new principals are provided with our 3-tier launch support system, which helps you in all areas of starting up your business. From finding you an exclusive area of opportunity in which to launch your academy to training in all aspects of the teaching, marketing, and administration of our programme, we will work with you to build your confidence and knowledge as you begin your journey as a business owner. And the support does not stop there. Even if there are barriers during your time with us, you will always have support from head office along with the curriculum, safeguarding policies and marketing materials provided. You will be covered financially too, from funding for extra props and costumes to financial cover if parents miss multiple payments.

Dedicated to your development

Your training will include principal training amongst fellow new franchisees as well as a combination of online and face-to-face coaching, helping you succeed in your new venture right from the start. Pre-launch, you will also work through a business plan, bespoke for your territory, which will be reviewed and approved by us, helping you to have set, manageable goals no matter your level of business ownership experience. At Drama Kids, we are dedicated to working with our franchisees to get them to where they want to be, which is why we provide each new member of our network with a franchise mentor. Usually a long-serving franchisee themselves, your mentor will know Drama Kids inside out, helping you utilise our business systems to your advantage to fulfil your career aspirations.

Never a one-man band

We have over 150 franchisees worldwide who are all encouraged by the team at head office to work together to help children become the best versions of themselves through drama. Through a shared passion for the arts and a desire to see our students succeed, we have formed a global community which, as a new franchisee, you will be welcomed into with open arms. Running your own business can feel isolating, but at Drama Kids we ensure this is never the case. Community is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we organise regular opportunities for our principals to get together, share advice and reach out for an additional helping hand if needed. Through in-person conferences and online video calls, there is always an open line of communication between our franchisees, helping our principals feel supported and connected throughout their time with us.

At Drama Kids, we pride ourselves on helping our franchisees in their development just as much as our students. With a support team, operational assistance and a reputable curriculum, you can work on becoming a successful business owner whilst transforming children’s lives. If you would like to become the master of your own academy, enquire about our opportunity now.

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